Shi-Gaku-Kan in the press

We have decided to create an online archive of material in the press concerning the Shi-Gaku-Kan. If you have relevant cuttings from the newspapers or any other graphic material please scan it and e-mail it to John Ollason,

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Third kyu

Brown belt

From Zenkutsu Dachi Gedan BaraiFrom Front Stance Downward Parry
Chudan Oi ZukiStepping Punch (Stomach Height)
Chudan Gyaku ZukiReverse Punch (Stomach Height)
Jodan Age UkeRising Block
Chudan Soto UkeOutside Block
Chudan Uchi UkeInside Block
From Kokutsu DachiFrom Back Stance
Shuto UkeKnife Hand Block
From Zenkutsu Dachi GamaeFrom Front Stance (Arms Out To The Side)
Mae GeriFront Kick
Mawashi GeriRoundhouse kick
From Kiba Dachi GamaeFrom Side Straddle Stance (Arms Out To The Side)
Yoko Geri KeageSide Snap Kick
Yoko Geri KekomiSide Thrust Kick

Kihon Ippon Kumite (Hidari/Migi)
Basic One Step Sparring (Left/Right Side)
Attack And Defend x2 Jodan, x2 Chudan, x2 Mae Geri, x1 Mawashi Geri, x1 Yoko Geri
The examiner will nominate defence to be used by number.

Tekki ShodanIron Horse No. 1

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